Welcome- Mrs. Funk
We would like to welcome you to the new after-school webpage. The after-school newspaper staff will be adding articles each week to this website. We would like to keep you up on what is going on at Burrel, and around the world. We will be writing about many interesting topics that will affect you as a member of the Burrel Community. If you have something you would like us to report on please feel free to contact one of our writers; Viri Solis, Michel Ornelas, Diego Ruiz, Daniel Hernandez, or Ricardo Sanchez. They are always willing to report on what is happening.

This is our second week of adding stories and we hope that you will let us know how we are doing. We will be updating the photos very soon and getting some interesting stories from some of our new classes that will be beginning next Monday. SOme of the new classes that are available are Girl Scouts; Micro-investigation, perspective Drawing; Choir; cooking and sewing. As well as some of the old favorites, woodworking; chess club; board games; art; scrapbooking; and outdoor sports. Make sure you come and sign up for a class. We look forward to an new and exciting quarter.
Music is very fun because you can dance, play, and workout. Like me I play bass guitar my friend plays trumpet. My brothers play guitar all the days my brothers are some times very annoying. But music still brings a smile to my face.
Playing sports is fun. So I'm going to tell you about basketball. I like playing basketball becase its cool. It's cool becase you could make baskets, last time I made four baskets. Next week we will have our first game of the season and everyone is practing to build their skills. GO Bears!
Daniel Hernandez-Music at Burrel
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